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We strongly encourage participation and support of Strip District projects that affect stakeholders and those who love the Strip. On this page you’ll find both a list of current projects that Strip District Neighbors is involved in as well as future opportunities for projects that you can get involved in or help support. Below those you’ll find successful past projects that Strip District Neighbors has helped complete.

Current Projects

Currently Strip District Neighbors is working on the following projects:

  • Organizational Strategic Action Plan – we’re currently working on a Strategic Action Plan for the our organization.
  • Street, Sidewalk, and Intersection Inventory – An inventory of lighting, garbage cans, crosswalks, intersections, and sidewalk conditions that we can share with the city in order to seek improvements.
  • Parking Map – An online map of available parking in the Strip District.
  • New Website – A new website that provides greater access to information for visitors and stakeholders in the Strip.
  • Strip District Riverfront Park – Working with our community partners at Riverlife and with neighborhood stakeholders to establish a new park along the Allegheny Riverfront.
  • 21st Street Upgrades – Working with City Planning on improvements and upgrades to 21st Street.

Future Projects

In the near future we’ll begin to work on the following projects:

  • Business District Inventory – An inventory of existing businesses, vacancies, “missing” businesses, and assessment of the health of existing businesses.
  • Business Directory & Map – A redesign of our existing (outdated) map and a directory for visitors.
  • Green Space Inventory – An inventory of existing green space and potential places where future green-space can be added to the neighborhood.

Completed Projects

This section of the website is currently under development, we assure you that Strip District Neighbors has completed or been involved with a lot of incredible projects that have been completed. We’ll have a list and details of those projects live in the next few months.

  • Partners in Crime – During the early 2000’s Strip District Neighbors partnered with community members and law enforcement to create the Partners in Crime Program aimed at reducing crime in the Strip. Through this project crime in the neighborhood was dramatically reduced.
  • Pittsburgh Public Market – Strip District Neighbors conceived of, developed, and established the Pittsburgh Public Market Council as their own nonprofit entity with the mission of operating the Pittsburgh Public Market. The Market operated from 2010 until 2016.
  • The Market Kitchen – A shared uses commercial kitchen that opened at the Pittsburgh Public Market in 2015.
  • Strip District Map – For more than a decade Strip District Neighbors have produced a map and business directory that has become the most requested map in Pittsburgh.

Supported Projects

Click here for a list of projects happening in the Strip and accompanying letters of support (where applicable). These are projects not lead by Strip District Neighbors, but that enjoy our support. These range from development projects to members seeking support for grants or other funding. Currently the list of projects only goes back to January of 2015. As time permits older projects and their letters of support may be added.

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