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Supported Projects

Supported Projects

Neighbors in the Strip supports a variety of neighborhood projects because we believe they’re in the best interest of the Strip District. Below you’ll find a list of supported projects and letters of support (where applicable).

This page currently only houses projects that were supported from 2015 onward. As time allows older projects or projects supported in prior years will be added.

To obtain support for a project please contact us. Please note that we may ask you to present information on your project to a committee or in an open meeting to our membership and the public.

Members of Neighbors in the Strip are welcome to and encouraged to attend any committee meeting or monthly board meeting where projects that they have an interest in are discussed. Agendas for board and committee meeting are included in members newsletters sent during the week before the week the meeting is held which at times may result in only a few days notice. If you are a member and are not receiving the email newsletter please contact us to let us know. If you are not a member and would like to join so that you can receive the newsletter please join now. If you missed a meeting that you would like more information on or are a member who wishes to comment on a specific topic that was recently discussed please contact us.

Midwife Center’s Green Infrastructure Educational Grant Application

Neighbors in the Strip supports the Midwife Center’s application for PWSA’s Green Infrastructure Educational grant. This grant will help showcase the green infrastructure that their expansion project will employ to help slow and sink stormwater runoff. It will help educate visitors and the general public on what they can do to help our region become more green and to handle stormwater and pollution in innovative and ecologically smart ways (letter of support).

Midwife Center Streetface Facade Program

Neighbors in the Strip supports the Midwife Center’s expansion plans and their request for a URA Streetface Facade loan. Improving the facades of buildings in our neighborhood provides a more inviting face and helps preserve the historic character of the Strip District. The Midwife Center’s project will improve their existing building while adding an exciting addition in a vacant lot. It will also preserve a mural that provides additional interest and attention (letter of support).

McCaffery Interests Produce Terminal Redevelopment Plan

Neighbors in the Strip supports the historic redevelopment of the Pennsylvania Railroad Produce Terminal Building by McCaffery Interests. Neighbors supported McCaffery’s plan in 2014 during the URA’s RFP process after polling our members and concluding that it was the most attractive plan, the most financially viable, and the plan that was most likely to succeed. In 2016, McCaffery Interests changed their plans to include fewer residential units and be more inline with what neighborhood and citywide stakeholders favored, Neighbors continues to support McCaffery’s plan (letter of support).

Red Rocks Group Penn Rose Building Redevelopment

Neighbors in the Strip supports the historic redevelopment of the Penn Rose Building by Red Rocks Group. Their plans to bring apartments directly onto the edge of the retail business district on Penn Ave. while respecting the historic nature of the building and seeking historic tax credits is a welcome edition to the neighborhood. Their intentions of adding an attractive first floor retail or restaurant client are inline with Neighbors desire to see more restaurants that can further support our retailers ability to stay open later in the evening which in turn helps our growing residential population spend their retail dollars hyper-locally (letter of support).

Strip District Music Festival

Neighbors in the Strip supports the Strip District Music Festival as it has proven to be a great draw that brings extra visitors to the neighborhood at a time when customer visits to our retail stores is historically low. The event raises awareness of neighborhood merchants and other amenities that these visitors may not be aware of or may otherwise overlook. The event is well organized and safe and attendees, participating businesses, and non-participating businesses have all reported that the event is a positive for the neighborhood.

Public Market Halloween Event

Neighbors in the Strip supports the request by the Pittsburgh Public Market to close 24th Street to vehicular traffic on the evening of of Oct. 30th as part of their halloween event. This is an off-hours street closure and it’s on a side street so it will not overly hinder customer access to or through the Strip District (letter of support).

Homewood Suites Signage

Neighbors in the Strip supports the request by Homewood Suites for their signs to be placed on their hotel to aid travelers in finding their hotel. The request was reviewed by the economic development committee who found that they are reasonable and necessary (letter of support).

Maggie’s Farm Rum HAS Haiti Event

Neighbors in the Strip supports Maggie’s Farm Rum’s request for a street closure along Smallman Street for their event after regular Strip District business hours on the evening of Sept. 10th 2015 in support of HAS Haiti (letter of support).

Midwife Center DCED Grant

Neighbors in the Strip supports the Midwife Center in their request for a DCED grant as part of their planned expansion (letter of support).

Riverfront Residence

Neighbors in the Strip supports this project by NRP to build an apartment building between 19th and 21st Streets along the Allegheny River on land owned by the Buncher Company (letter of support).

Produce Terminal Redevelopment

In Jan of 2015 the Board of Directors of Neighbors in the Strip instructed then Executive Director Becky Rodgers to send a letter to all members of Pittsburgh City Council asking that they look into the delay in the PA Railroad Produce Terminal Building’s redevelopment. We believe that a letter was in fact sent and a copy was likely filed by the former staff but has yet to be located. A copy of the content of the letter to Pittsburgh City Council is available here. Neighbors supports the development of the Produce Terminal and urges all parties involved in the redevelopment to act quickly on the redevelopment or at minimum explain the reason for the delays related to the redevelopment as continued delays are hampering other projects in the neighborhood.

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